Natalie Sasi Organ


from here to here
8 July - 11 August 2023
Nova Contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand

Natalie Sasi Organ
Pam Virada
Channatip Chanvipava 

Nova Contemporary is pleased to present our summer group show, from here to here, featuring works by three young Thai artists, Channatip Chanvipava, Natalie Sasi Organ, and Pam Virada. from here to here presents an island of fragments, probing the fringes of memory and belonging; it brings shape and form to the clandestine and ephemeral, attempting to hold and disentangle layers of identity and nostalgia.

Sasi Organ scatters an archive of dimmed vignettes across the main gallery wall, reflecting on the mutability of home and memory. In her fractured constellation of paintings, she amalgamates scenes from her grandparents’ home in Bristol and her parents’ first apartment in Bangkok, underscoring her dual cultural identity. Sasi Organ transforms overlooked objects into deep deposits of meaning, transcending their utilitarian functions. Fragments of a falling curtain, a bedside lamp, and a nearly-lit cake candle become frozen in time, orbiting around a painting of her late grandfather’s armchair. Drawing from two homes, these images cross chronologies and locations; they are suffused with wistful stillness, retrieving and immortalising the fleeting and discarded. Through dichotomy, Sasi Organ subjects us to the acts of remembering and longing: her works are honest yet futile, alluding to both absence and presence, made from both displacement and attachment. 

from here to here offers oneiric testimonies of the artists’ temporary presence, revealing and releasing tender moments of the personal and once shared. Each artist is influenced by their personal experiences of living and moving between cultures and locales, presenting an enduring concern for points of the transitory and ephemeral. They trace journeys, whether physical or emotional, searching for threads of permeance in the fleeting. Here, painting becomes the only way to remember, serving as visual evidence of what eludes the temporal and tactical.

Text by Colette Auyang